Making Kids Smile

Are You Looking for Ways to Give Back This Christmas?

Learn how you can donate to a child in need

Operation Santa Claus is proud to have multiple locations in the area where you can drop off your gift. If you choose to donate a toy, please make sure it is new, unopened and unwrapped. If you plan to donate money, we accept checks and cash via mail and credit card payments via our online donation portal.

Donate to our initiative today

Donate to our initiative today

The number of children in need living in the Louisiana area continues to rise as economic distress plagues the state. Shreveport in particular has a 25% poverty rate. This unfortunately leaves countless kids without access to essentials, let alone the privilege of getting toys on Christmas.

Donating to a child in need is one of the best things you can do this holiday season. Before making your contribution, consider these facts about poverty in Louisiana:

Louisiana has a 19.75 poverty rate-making it the second-highest in the nation
17.3% of children do not have access to a consistent food supply
Nearly 30% of all children living in Louisiana live in poverty

Do your part and make a contribution to the children in Shreveport, LA today.