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Spreading the Joy of Christmas Since 1984

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Operation Santa Claus is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Shreveport, LA. Since 1984, public safety agencies in Caddo and Bossier parishes have teamed up with KWKH radio station, now part of Town Square Media, to help fill Christmas wish lists throughout the area. Most times the toys that are delivered to the kids are the only toys they will get for the Christmas Season.

The program that helped 950 children the first year has grown considerably. Last year, more than 1,000+ disadvantaged children were given Christmas presents, thanks to the help of public safety departments and people like you!

Here's how the program works:

* Shreveport Police and Shreveport Firefighters submit names of children who deserve the assistance of Operation Santa Claus. The children tell the officers and firefighters what toys they would like for Christmas, and Operation Santa Claus goes to work.

* Through the airways of Shreveport, courtesy of Town Square Media, the Internet and volunteers, Operation Santa Claus works to find sponsors who will donate toys or money to help fill the children's Christmas list.

*The only requirement of the sponsors is the toy must be BRAND NEW. Most of these children have lived with second-hand toys and we want to give them something new...something that is theirs and theirs alone. We don't accept food or clothes for there are many great agencies in town that take care of these needs.

* Once toys are donated, the public safety employees who nominated the children get to play Santa while delivering the goodies in time for Christmas in their emergency vehicles whether it be their Police vehicle or a Red Fire Truck.

How far will your contribution go?

How far will your contribution go?

So many children in our community don't get to experience the joy of Christmas. Your contribution goes directly toward children in need. Whether you're donating a toy or contributing money, you're promoting what Christmas is all about-spreading joy, love and merriment.

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